Free Crypto Apps

Free Crypto Apps

These are my top/most reliable crypto earning apps/websites. These are semi-passive, with little effort needed to earn.

Bitcoin Cash (Up to 0.001 BCH/week) - Android

Litecoin Giveaway (Up to 0.002 LTC/week) - Android

Coin App (Up to 500 XYO/week) - Android/iOS --> See my app earning tips here

Idle-Empire (Minimum cashout 2,000 coins ($0.10) - Android/iOS/PC

Rewardy (Listen to music and earn $0.01 every 10 minutea) - Android

Get 100 coins a day in Idle-Empire by completing the Daily Task promotions. You can also follow their Twitter or Discord for a coupon code to redeem for free coins.

You get poiunt ($0.01) on Rewardy every 10 minutes when you view an ad. Get an extra 50 points (0.05) per day when after you view 360 ads. Go to the Listen to Music section of the site to get started.