Money Makers

If you have a US bank account, there are many ways to get some extra cash. Do each of the money making steps below and you can earn up to $200 or more. Some of the steps require a deposit, but you will not spend more than $16 in total.

App 1 - Sign up for INVSTR. (Free) 

Get between $10 and $1000 free to invest just by registering for an account. 

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App 2 - Install the Robinhood app. (Free) 

Install the app and verify your account to get a free share of stock. 

Link your bank and sell your stock after three days. There are no fees. 

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App 3 - Sign up for Aspiration (Deposit $10) 

Get $25 when you open a new Aspiration Spend & Save or Aspiration Save Account and deposit $10. 

Get $25 for each referral. They also make a $25 donation to charity. They will send you a debit card for your account too. 

You can transfer reward funds to your bank or use the debit card.

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App 4 - Install the ABRA app. (Deposit $5) 

Make a $5 deposit and get $25 in free Bitcoin. 

You need to use a US bank account or an eligible AMEX card to make a deposit. 


App 5 - Sign up for Ellevest (Invest $1) 

Invest $1 in their Build Wealth program and get $50. 

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App 6 - Get $50 from Coinbase (Free) 

Get paid to learn about crypto currency. You get $10 at first and $40 more with just 4 referrals. 

You can withdraw to PayPal. 

Go to after you do the Stellar promotion to get $16 more free crypto. 

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App 7 - Install Blockchain app (Free) 

Get up to $40 in crypto when you register and verify your account. 

Transfer the crypto you get to Coinbase and withdraw to PayPal.

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